Workday believes connectivity to your other applications should be simple and straightforward. That's why every customer and partner in the Workday ecosystem gets access to a proven set of tools to build and deploy integrations.

Applications can't survive in a silo.

Applications rarely live in isolation. You need a robust integration infrastructure to enable your applications to talk to and exchange data with other applications. Whether you want a simple data import/export or more complex multi-step integration flows, Workday's open platform provides the tools to simplify integrations. The best part? All your integrations are hosted by Workday, freeing you from the burden of managing and maintaining separate infrastructures.

Cost savings in the cloud.

Connecting Workday with other applications should be simple and cost-effective. That's why everyone in the Workday ecosystem can take advantage of a proven set of tools to reduce the time and expense of building and maintaining integrations.

A shared burden.

Workday's approach to integrations is summed up in one word: simplicity. Connectivity to other applications and resources should be simple to build, adapt, and maintain—a significant difference from the cost, complexity, and rigidity of connecting to traditional enterprise systems.

A community of collaboration.

Sharing and collaboration are the norm in the Workday community. Every customer benefits from the knowledge of fellow customers. And this collaboration naturally extends to integrations. It's far easier to share integrations with other organizations when everyone is on the same version of the application.