Innovative Technology

Workday's powerful enterprise cloud applications get you the information you need at a moment's notice. Your work day will never be the same. 

A real world of possibilities.

Workday's applications are built utilizing an object-oriented structure. What's this mean? Simply put, data is defined by objects that represent real-world entities—employees, benefits, budgets, organizations, etc. Instead of maintaining complex relationships in thousands of tables, data relationships are between objects, enabling endless flexibility to the system. This allows Workday to provide you innovation at unprecedented speed.

All objects are loaded in-memory.

With traditional systems, applications must be either optimized for transactions or reporting. This is why separate reporting systems exist. The object model eliminates this burden for Workday. By placing the data objects in-memory, Workday is delivering unmatched response times for the user experience, rapid access to reports, and drill-down capabilities on the same data as the transactions.

Speed of innovation.

Workday innovates much faster than traditional vendors do. In Workday applications, the object model is defined as metadata. This allows Workday developers to build and change applications without having to restructure the underlying database. Because Workday can change at its core, every Workday application is ready to adapt quickly to changes in the industry.