Designed for the Way You Work

Social tools, analytics, and mobile devices are pushing innovation in the enterprise cloud like never before. We are witnessing the birth of a new generation of enterprise applications that truly work the way people work.

The business of user experience.

Workday lets you take care of business in your natural workspace—at work, on a flight, in a meeting, or during your commute. Workday is simple, intuitive, and wherever you are. It's the most intuitive enterprise application ever designed.

In front of innovation.

Workday designers and engineers strive to create a user experience that follows three simple principles: get in, get it done, and get out. Simplicity is the overarching premise. Workday applications are simple enough for casual users yet robust enough for power users.

A thing of beauty.

Workday looks and works like your favorite consumer web site. With a minimal amount of training, every type of user—from the C-suite to managers and individual contributors—quickly adopts Workday. From the first time users interact with the application, they just get it.