When your organization evolves, you want your applications to evolve too. That's why configurability is so important. When your organization can quickly adapt to internal or external changes, you're ahead of the game.

Configurability for maximum flexibility.

Organizations are in a constant state of change. That's why Workday designed its applications to be configurable. Workday is not only configurable for your entire organization, it's also configurable in different ways for different parts of a company. Workday uniquely meets the needs of an individual group, business unit, department, or country. And because all these configurations are made by the user rather than IT, you save valuable resources and budget for other projects.

Your company. Your way.

With Workday, you can tailor applications to match the unique needs of your organization. Preserve your corporate culture with the ability to re-label terms, or track additional data that is important to your business—all without jeopardizing future updates. When Workday releases a new update, your configurations are preserved and seamlessly updated. And you never have to worry about expensive maintenance costs or damage to your system.

Your organization the way you want it.

Workday gives your company the flexibility to change its organizational structure easily. It allows you to move people around in the system—all without coding. Reorganizations are a snap and done on the fly. Create new divisions, rearrange cost-center structures, or move reporting relationships from one group to another. And because Workday's applications are unified, any reorganization is reflected immediately.

Business processes that reflect your business.

Every organization has specific needs. Workday Business Process Framework gives you the ability to configure and reconfigure processes whenever and wherever you need—without involving your IT department. To help accelerate deployments and provide a starting point for additional configurations, Workday offers more than 200 pre-defined business process definitions. And all of these changes happen in real time to keep your business moving.