Actionable Insight

Gain access to relevant data in context. Take immediate action. Achieve meaningful results. That's actionable insight. And it's seamlessly available throughout the Workday suite of applications.

It's rad—real-time, actionable, and drillable.

Access real-time, multi-dimensional reports and analytics with the ability to drill down to transaction-level details. And then take immediate action in Workday directly off any report or analytic. With Workday, reports and analytics are simple to build, simple to deploy, and simple to use.

Built-in insight.

Workday uses an in-memory object model. Simply put, Workday defines data as objects rather than relational tables. This makes it possible to build, and drill into, analytics reports quickly and “in memory” rather than accessing data from a separate system. Workday's technology infrastructure is the reason actionable analytics are built into Workday. It's really that simple.

Your business data, always within reach.

Actionable analytics need to be user-friendly and easy to access. Accessing real-time information should be as simple as shopping online. And business insight should be at the point of decision—even on your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. Get relevant business insight on your terms.

Bye bye bolt-ons.

An integrated analytics approach avoids a lot of time, effort, and cost created by a separate business intelligence (BI) tool. When an HR application requires BI software, both systems have to replicate the business terms and rules, as well as synch them. And then there is cost of replicating user security in two systems. With Workday, all the information is where you expect it—within the application, in context, and at your fingertips.