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Simplifying big data.

See how Workday Big Data Analytics allows you to easily tap multiple structured and unstructured data sources and combine them with Workday data to gain new business insights.

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Workday Big Data Analytics

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Developing Workday Big Data Analytics with Customers, for Customers

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Big data analytics explorer.

Explore and manipulate data from multiple sources. Easily capture and share insights for critical business decisions. It’s simple with Workday’s familiar spreadsheet interface.

  • Enable data analysts to rapidly produce insights with no IT involvement
  • Connect to any data source of any data type using a simple, guided interface
  • Utilize 220+ built-in functions to quickly and easily analyze your data
Contextual and actionable.
Workday Big Data Analytics - Contextual and Actionable

Reports generated from Workday Big Data Analytics look, feel, and act the same as all other reports from Workday.

  • Utilize Report Writer to generate visualizations for Big Data Analytics, eliminating the need to learn another tool for generating reports
  • All reports created are multi-dimensional, immediately actionable, and displayed in context
  • Access and take action from any device
Insight Applications*.
insight applications

Propel your business forward by helping everyday decision-makers analyze, predict, and take action.

  • Answer your most critical business questions with value-driven applications that are focused on specific business scenarios
  • Gain insights into data that was not previously available or was incomplete
  • Combine historical analysis from Workday with non-Workday data to produce new insights specific to a business decision, using machine learning and data science
  • Automatically categorize data to map like data definitions for more accurate analysis, predictions, and recommendations for action
Insight Applications - Important Notice

* Our future product pages describe announced products that are not yet generally available and contain forward-looking statements for which there are risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. Our description of unreleased services, features, functionality or enhancements are subject to change at Workday's discretion and may not be delivered as planned or at all. Workday assumes no obligation for and does not intend to update any such forward-looking statements. Customers who purchase Workday services should make purchase decisions based upon currently available services, features, and functions.

See Workday Big Data Analytics in action.