Non-profit Use Case

See how non-profit organisations use Workday Adaptive Planning.

Workday Adaptive Planning gives non-profit organisations the power to plan, model, budget and forecast the future.

Watch the Workday Adaptive Planning for a non-profit demo.

Key use cases.

Explore models built for non-profit organisations.

  • Programme expense budgeting – Plan direct costs, and allocate headcount and overhead across funds, programs and locations. Give budget owners access to data with drill-down capabilities.
  • Grant planning – Create grant-level funding and spending plans for restricted and unrestricted donations. Generate visibility into income and expenses over the life of a grant.
  • Staff and personnel planning – Plan head count as well as salary, benefits, taxes and other employee-related costs across programmes. Integrate HR and payroll systems to pull in employee data and utilise multiple fringe rate assumptions.
  • Membership and events modelling – Forecast membership fees, event ticketing, services offerings and other revenue generating activities.
  • Budget and plan across programmes and funds – Allocate overhead accurately and match personnel to programme and funding.

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