Why Workday Adaptive Planning Software

Better planning. Bigger possibilities.

Move forward faster with Workday Adaptive Planning – the only enterprise planning platform that gives you the flexibility, speed and scalability you need to keep up with a changing world.

Workday Adaptive Planning software.
Workday Adaptive Planning dashboard.

Accelerate your business.

Successful businesses can no longer afford to rely on legacy technology. Only a true cloud solution such as Workday Adaptive Planning delivers what you need to run your business better, every day.

Patent-pending innovation.

Quickly model and analyse your business with our powerful, patent-pending Elastic Hypercube Technology, our in-memory engine.

Embedded machine learning.

Automatically surface anomalies so you can make adjustments to your plan when things change.

World-class security.

World-class encryption and compliance, as well as a proven multi-tenant environment, ensure that your data is always secure.

Automated data integration.

Automated integration from your CRM, ERP, HCM and other systems means you no longer need to depend on IT to manage your data integrations.

Scale and adapt as your business grows.

Workday Adaptive Planning enables you to quickly model the most complex scenarios so you can keep up as your business grows – all without compromising performance or ease of use.

Unlimited scenarios.

Thanks to our in-memory engine Elastic Hypercube Technology, you can build complex models using dimensions that matter to your business, including customer, channel, product, regions and more.

Unlimited computing power.

Analyse everything with our interactive dashboards and easily refresh your numbers in real time, with a single click.


Track external learning.

Access a technology platform that automatically adds memory and CPU resources when you need them.


Pivot when things change.

Creating a single annual plan won't cut it any more. Workday gives you the flexibility to continually adjust assumptions and pivot plans based on changing market conditions.

Plan flexibly.

Our flexible platform lets you model and analyse every contingency and easily identify gaps and opportunities.

Plan collaboratively across industries.

With a unified data core, your teams can plan and model across any time period and industry, while still tying to the larger plan.

Improve decision-making.

With our intuitive interface and visual dashboards, business users can easily generate reports and plans without IT support.


Easy to model.

Quickly and effortlessly model your business and see the results in real time.

Drive broad user adoption with self-service reports and dashboard that allow everyone to plan.

Visual charts and dashboards make it a breeze to see and analyse data.

See ROI right away.

Because Workday Adaptive Planning is built using true cloud architecture, it’s quick to deploy and easy to configure – giving you faster time-to-value and a lower overall cost of ownership.

Go live on time and on budget.

Get updates without downtime.

Configure the way you want.

See Workday Adaptive Planning in action.

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