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We help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours thrive. In fact, more than 75% of our 10,000+ customers have fewer than 3,500 employees. And with our new Accelerate with Workday packages, it’s easier than ever for SMBs to create long-term value from day one.


Small to medium-sized businesses thrive with Workday

AI and machine learning (ML) have been at the core of our platform for nearly a decade. See how organisations like yours leverage these powerful tools to fundamentally change how work . . . works, for the better.



We step up to set you up for success

With Workday, you get more than a platform. You get a partner who’s as invested in your success as you are. We stick by your side before, during and after launch.

A smooth start

Workday has been serving the Swiss market for over eight years, during which we have gained valuable insights into the needs of our SME customers. Drawing from this experience, we’ve developed various implementation methods tailored to different maturity levels, all aimed at delivering faster time-to-value.

What Workday can offer

Workday Launch (18 weeks implementation time), Workday Launch Express (12 weeks implementation time) and our partner Kainos's "Spark and Grow" package, which can have you up and running in just four weeks.

A method to eliminate deployment madness

With thousands of deployments under our belts, we haven’t just developed a rock-solid go-live methodology. We’ve got it down to a science that’s truly a work of art.

Risk mitigation. It’s always part of our equation

We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your business. Learn how Workday Launch fuels smooth, timely deployments that don’t bring operations to a halt and accelerate your ROI.



Get more of what matters

Workday empowers small to medium businesses like yours to face uncertainty and change with unwavering confidence. Finance, HR, planning, payroll and analytics work as one to streamline processes, accelerate growth and even uncover new opportunities.


of customer deployments completed on time.*


*Fiscal year ended 31 Jan 2024


month average go-live time.


faster time to value with Launch.


customer satisfaction rating, which we have surpassed for 10+ years.

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Proven pathways to create long-term success

Accelerate with Workday meets SMBs where they are to get them where they want to be. See how the right package for you can reduce costs, mitigate risk and help you create continuous value from day one.

Deploy at lower cost and lower risk.

Go live fast with fixed-fee and fixed-scope deployment packages that ensure predictable timelines.

Realise rapid time-to-value.

Overcome your greatest challenges with solutions designed for your industry’s specific needs.

Maximise value today and tomorrow.

Drive long-term success with unparalleled support, education and a community of peers.

“Workday is a strategic partner for HR and our business units. We now have access to all employee data, supporting our daily processes and business operations.”

Shared Services


Empowerment to your people

Nimble small to medium-sized teams need nimble solutions. Workday streamlines operations so your teams can do way more with a lot less and focus on what drives business onwards and upwards.


Unite your data

Spend more time making strategic, informed decisions by bringing accounting and operational data together.

Make smarter decisions, faster

Learn 10 key steps to empowering more streamlined decision-making.

Close with confidence

Effectively prepare data for a more efficient and accurate consolidation and close process.

Financial management revenue dashboard for media and entertainment industry

Meet your SMB hiring needs

Learn what it takes to plan, recruit and onboard more effectively while aligning hiring with your business goals.

Streamline payroll operations.

Want to gain more efficient people processes? See how one flexible HR and payroll solution can help small to medium businesses.

Enable talent to shine.

Go beyond performance management. Discover ways to foster a culture of recognition, engagement and company growth.


What benefits does Workday ERP software offer SMEs?

Agility, time-to-value and trust are crucial for SMEs. Workday offers a unified platform that eliminates the need for complex module integrations, reducing project implementation and ongoing operational time. Workday can also be implemented within four weeks and provides scalability for future growth.

An ERP cloud solution isn't necessarily tied to a specific number of employees or turnover. Typically, its use makes sense when data accuracy, process efficiency, compliance or scalability are critical factors. Additionally, adopting an ERP cloud solution is advisable when manual administrative tasks become overwhelming. 

ERP software simplifies daily operations, especially amid evolving structures such as mergers and acquisitions or unique reporting needs.

It's crucial to have clear insights across the company through holistic data, which ERP software for SMEs can provide. Identifying scenarios that require attention, for example, high turnover due to dissatisfaction or upcoming retirements, is essential for taking targeted actions. Using continuous pulse surveys, managing skills to address qualification gaps or leveraging AI in recruiting can aid in efficiently finding the right candidates for the job.

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