AI for small and midsize businesses.

Workday AI levels the playing field

Workday AI helps small and midsize businesses work smarter – not harder – to keep up with market needs while creating frictionless experiences for employees and customers.

A man viewing a tablet at work at their medium sized business.

What you can do

Empower your small business with powerful AI

Only Workday puts AI at the core of an open and connected system so organisations of all sizes can make confident decisions faster, drive flawless business and financial operations, and empower their people for maximum performance.

Image of two people using artificial intelligence.

Streamline your business

Access a complete set of capabilities across all of your processes for managing people, operations and finance. It’s time to retire outdated systems, consolidate processes and optimise workflows.

Elevate human capabilities

Use automation for manual, repetitive processes to let your people focus more on the work that requires a human touch – increasing the efficiency and productivity of workers. 

Drive seamless experiences

Enable self-service to reduce the time spent on routine business tasks and allow your resources to focus on more impactful, innovative and value-based work.

Built-in AI. Built-in value.

Workday AI is treated like any other feature within Workday – you turn it on and it’s ready to go. As our dataset grows and our models continue to learn, the value and efficiency we deliver to our customers only gets better.

Woman looking at laptop computer while working at her small to medium sized business.

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