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Build a smarter business
Make better decisions with real-time reporting and analytics. Financial management and HR applications from Workday enable you to review live data and take action – anywhere, anytime – on any device.
Embrace change

Our continuously innovative updates and adaptive tools and frameworks let you configure the system to meet your organisation’s changing needs.

HR management – where people matter most

With one seamless system for finance and HR, Workday lets you focus on what’s ahead.

One architecture

  • A scalable platform to ensure the continuous evolution of technology
  • A flexible architecture that facilitates agile organisation management

Johnson & Johnson: With Workday, this American multinational replaced over 100 HR systems with a decentralised management model in more than 60 countries, and with over 275 operation companies. 


HR management – where people matter most

Unlimited innovation

  • Designed to optimise internal movement of your experts and talent
  • The ability to create teams on the fly

Hewlett-Packard: “Now our managers can look at compensation, talent and skills across locations, and they can much more effectively manage their whole team at one time. They can maximise their decisions and allocate budgets for scarce resources.”

VP HR Enterprise Business, HP Inc.

HR management – where people matter most

One version

  • Complete visibility of your global talent
  • Streamline your organisation and automate processes

Sanofi: “If you are on a laptop, an iPad, an iPhone or an Android, you have the same user interface. And it will allow our employees and managers to use Workday at any point in time and space when they are ready and when they are most effective.”

VP HR Services & Workday Programme Director, Sanofi-Aventis Groupe

HR management – where people matter most

Think global, act local

Manage your entire workforce, whether it’s halfway around the world or in the office with you. Our HR management software supports common global practices and unique local requirements.

  • Create regionally-specific offers and employment agreements
  • Manage employees’ probation periods, collective agreements, notice periods and contract data
  • Add European Works Councils to processes to increase efficiency and visibility
  • Supports multiple currencies to simplify reporting and transacting
  • Set up jobs and publish them worldwide, while considering local attributes

The Power of One Community

Because our customers are on one version of Workday, they’re able to share experiences, best practices and ideas for new features in a way that’s simply not possible with other application providers.

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What makes Workday
technology different?

At Workday, we believe that enterprise applications should be easy to use, intelligent and engaging – all while maintaining the highest standards of security.

And as new technologies emerge, such as machine learning and conversational UI, our customers can take advantage of new innovations without disruption.

With Workday, innovation is built in.

At the touch of a button we can run reports that provide clear information on areas of strategic focus such as absence, performance and talent management, so we can quickly identify trends. This gives managers and HR teams the confidence to make more informed decisions.

HR & Development Manager, Arriva plc