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Because in business every day is a match day

Just like in soccer, business is all about strategy, teamwork, and the ability to quickly adapt to change. That’s why Workday teamed up with Borussia Dortmund, one of the top names in German soccer and eight-time German League champion. Since 2022, we’ve proudly served as the club’s official “Finance and HR Enterprise Cloud Partner.”

BVB Players

So that everyone in the team can play to their strengths

At Workday, we're genuinely thrilled about this partnership with BVB. Because just like us, BVB believes that it's our incredible teams and the magic of collaboration that drives success.

Borussia Dortmund and Workday: A partnership for a changing world.

Workday. For a changing world

In a changing world, it can feel like the goal posts are always moving. Workday can help your team make smart decisions with innovative planning and analytics tools.

Finance Workday


In a time of change, retain champion status by improving your financial processes for tomorrow’s world of work.

HR Workday


Adapt and evolve in a changing world so your whole team can feel like champions, no matter what the future holds.

IT Workday


Step into the future with confidence and the ability to tackle change and evolve your digital strategy.

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