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Evolve with the communications industry.

Spin up new service offerings, deliver on the power of 5G and create new partnerships overnight. Only Workday delivers the speed and insights you need to stay competitive and accelerate digital finance.

The world’s leading communications companies partner with Workday.


Prism Analytics billing details analysis for communications industry

Rapidly deliver new services.

With real-time access to data, you can quickly gain insight into your financial drivers and accelerate your time-to-market for new deals, OTT service offerings and monetisation models.

Inspire your talent to perform their best.

Discover how Workday delivers intelligent automation to drive greater agility and an engaging user experience to help you make the most of your most valuable asset: your workforce.


One system to transform communications.



Adapt to change.

Use an agile system to create new monetisation models, manage spend and fuel digital acceleration.


Build a great workforce.

Manage, engage and develop your people so they can do their best work today and gain skills for the future.


Bring in edge data for richer insights.

Perform sales and revenue modelling to see which opportunities to pursue and keep pricing and bids competitive.

“Workday allows us to support our colleagues in today’s changing environment in a way that's mobile, modern, engaging and impactful.”

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