Connect and flex your extended workforce.

Simplify contingent talent management. Combine our vendor management system (VMS) with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) for unrivalled total workforce visibility.

Dashboard of contractors in Workday VNDLY vendor management system.

Plan. Source. Optimise.

Extended workforce management.

Connect your technology ecosystem and upgrade the planning, management and analysis of your contingent workforce needs.

Statement of work (SOW).

Manage complex projects in a single location, using intuitive tools for mapping and adhering to SOW requirements related to contingent workers.

Worker profile management.

Quickly capture the baseline information you need to better understand – and make decisions related to – your extended workforce programme.


Why Workday VNDLY.

Workday VNDLY uses automation and machine learning to empower your finance, HR and procurement teams to optimise the agility and impact of your extended workforce.

Increase operational efficiency.

Save time and reduce manual effort through consolidated invoicing, streamlined approval processes, SOW milestone payment, simplified time and expense entry, and more.

Gain workforce visibility.

Enable data‑driven decision‑making with easy access to contingent worker headcount, performance, projects, spend and other key metrics.

Manage compliance and reduce risk.

Standardise workflows, automate processes and manage worker access in a single system of record equipped with industry-leading security safeguards.

Support global needs.

Get support navigating invoicing requirements, employment laws, data regulations and other hurdles related to working across borders.

For the second consecutive year, Workday VNDLY was named a leader in the VMS industry by Everest Group.

What You Can Do

Thrive in the shifting global economy.

Use of extended staff is on the rise across industries and borders. Workday VNDLY offers a cloud-native extended workforce solution designed to streamline and optimise the entire lifecycle of today’s contingent workers, from talent acquisition through to offboarding.

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Global digital invoicing

  • Invoice template generator

  • Self-serve configurability

  • Conditional custom fields creation

  • Smart reporting functionality

  • Robust integration


Support the entire worker lifecycle.

Our user-friendly VMS is designed to support your people’s entire journey – from sourcing and onboarding to automated invoicing, managing tenure and compliance, and through to offboarding.


Fill skills gaps fast through automated job requisitions, candidate shortlists, onboarding and offboarding checklists, and configurable role approval workflows.


Replace manual tasks with automated processes in a single system of record, ensuring your compliance and security needs are consistently met.


Leverage advanced invoicing capabilities, including line‑item‑level and individual off‑cycle invoicing, digital invoicing across locations and our custom invoice template builder.


The power of Workday – multiplied.

Embrace a holistic talent strategy by seamlessly combining your Workday products. Together, Workday VNDLY and Workday HCM deliver an innovative, comprehensive solution for managing all worker types – including salaried, hourly, contingent and outsourced.

Vendor Management System FAQs

What is a contingent worker?

A contingent worker is anyone who does work on behalf of your organisation, but is not a direct employee, such as a temporary worker, consultant or freelancer.

The external workforce refers to workers who are employed on a temporary basis or statement of work. This includes contingent workers, as well as services procurement.

A vendor management system is a web-based software application that centralises the end-to-end lifecycle management of extended workers and statement of work needs.

Core VMS capabilities typically include functions related to hiring, tenure management, invoicing, worker tracking and onboarding/offboarding.

A vendor management system can help your organisation manage contingent workforce cost, efficiency, quality and risk in a single platform.

Optimise your contingent workforce.

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