Fill critical skills gaps with extended workers.

Harness the unique skills of your extended workforce with Workday VNDLY. Drive total people optimisation with insights into your full worker population, supporting decisions on talent needs.

A VNDLY dashboard showing the candidate review panel.

What You Can Do

Source faster. Manage talent. Optimise impact.

Extended workers are key to increasing organisational agility – if used effectively.

Our vendor management system (VMS) helps you source, manage and analyse contingent talent needs, and provides a holistic view of the total workforce when joined with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM).

  • Automated job requisition creation
  • Configurable role approval workflows
  • Candidate short-list view
  • Interview scheduling
  • Onboarding and offboarding checklists
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Vendor performance management

Power agile and informed decision‑making.

To make smart moves, your organisation needs full workforce visibility – the who, what, where, when and why. That’s where Workday VNDLY comes in.

Navigate talent shortages and skills gaps.

Secure a competitive business edge by tapping into external talent. Workday VNDLY offers a single mechanism to optimise the end‑to‑end management of contingent workers, from sourcing through to offboarding.

Streamline external worker hiring.

Increase efficiency across the hiring process with automated job requisition creation and approval workflows, as well as the ability to expedite the hiring process for time-sensitive roles when needed.

Focus your candidate reviews with AI.

Save time and effort by leveraging machine learning to quickly identify candidates that best meet your business needs and match your criteria in terms of experience, rates and performance reviews.

Get more from your Workday investment.

Seamlessly connect with Workday HCM and downstream applications to achieve total workforce visibility and the ability to use other Workday products to support contingent talent management.

Drive better business decisions.

Combine our VMS with Workday HCM for visibility into total workforce spend and headcount information. Become better equipped to effectively scale your workforce with the right talent type as needed.


Elevate compliance efforts and standards.

Companies face increasing compliance and security risks when managing multiple worker types. Workday VNDLY supports your compliance efforts to help manage regulations and requirements such as worker classification, tenure policies, pay parity regulations and more.

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