Creating value together.

Workday VNDLY is built on partnerships that go far beyond implementation. That includes our relationships with leading Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

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Happy partners. Happy customers.

In the contingent workforce space, collaboration plays a critical role in driving positive business outcomes. Our leading vendor management system (VMS) and dedicated partnership approach empower MSP teams and enhance the PMO experience to deliver value for our joint customers.

Open communication.

Our commitment to two-way, open communication includes sharing information on current Workday VNDLY capabilities, as well as future roadmap items.

User-friendly technology.

User adoption is key to getting the best return on investment. UI improvements are core to our roadmap, and MSPs reap the benefits associated with that ease of use.

Support from day one.

We are continually developing training programmes and other support resources to help our MSPs and other partners meet their customers’ needs.


Optimise deployments and migrations.

We make the transition to Workday VNDLY as easy as possible by offering:

Early collaboration.

Our partnerships encompass initial discussions through to implementation (and beyond), enabling performance conversations early in the sales cycle.

Flexible deployment.

We support you right from the start to ensure a seamless, efficient and timely go-live experience that takes into account your unique business needs.

Enhanced configurability.

The high configurability of Workday VNDLY means changes can be made almost to the point of go-live. Robust self-serve capabilities cover future needs.

Expedited timelines.

Project resources are assigned quickly to reduce time to kickoff and implementation, ensuring access to Workday VNDLY experts when needed.

Simplified contracting.

Our contracting process is efficient and easy to follow, enabling you to streamline negotiations and spend time on activities with greater value-add.

Seamless data transfer.

Data from existing Workday customers can be seamlessly transferred, allowing for a more efficient setup and consistency across both systems.


Learn about our Workday VNDLY solutions.

Extended workforce management.

Connect your technology ecosystem and optimise the planning, management and analysis of your contingent worker needs.

Statement of work.

Manage complex projects in a single location, using intuitive tools for mapping and adhering to SOW requirements related to contingent talent.

Worker profile management.

Quickly capture the baseline information you need to better understand – and make decisions related to – your extended workforce programme.

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