Extended Workforce Management

Optimise extended workforce management.

Today’s economy demands solutions for effectively managing contingent talent. Workday VNDLY Extended Workforce Management fills this gap by supporting the end-to-end lifecycle of your external workers.

Workday VNDLY applicants review dashboard quickly identifies the applicants who best meet your needs based on experience and other requirements.

What You Can Do

Fill skills gaps. Control costs.

Gain a competitive edge by tapping into external talent. Our leading vendor management software provides the tools you need to source, onboard, manage, invoice and offboard contingent workers – supporting this growing population now and into the future.

  • Automated job requisition creation

  • Configurable role approval workflows

  • Clear candidate short-list view

  • Onboarding and offboarding checklists

  • Time and expense tracking

  • Robust rate card management

  • Global digital invoicing


Streamline your workforce management programme.

Workday VNDLY Extended Workforce Management provides the intuitive solution you need to better plan, manage and analyse your contingent worker needs.

Gain complete extended workforce visibility.

Secure 24/7 access to a holistic, simplified view of your extended workforce programme, including key data points such as headcount, spend and location.

Procure the best talent, at the right price.

Leverage machine learning to quickly identify the applicants who best meet your needs based on experience and rate requirements.

Increase Workday ROI.

Seamlessly connect with Workday Human Capital Management to increase process automation, improve data accuracy and enhance the contingent workforce experience.


Embrace a better way to manage contingent talent.

Simplify the hiring process.

Hire faster – and smarter – through automated job requisition creation and other features.

Reduce time to hire.

Give vendors foresight into upcoming roles and expedite steps in the hiring process.

Configure to meet your needs.

Set up role approval rules, vendor distribution workflows and custom fields.

Optimise vendor performance.

Provide a better vendor experience via our intuitive interface and advanced reporting capabilities.

Create programme efficiencies.

Introduce business process automation to streamline critical steps across your contingent workforce programme.

Comply with local time rules.

Capture time worked and breaks with Workday VNDLY or through integration with other timekeeping systems.

Improve cost controls.

Enforce rate thresholds and ensure only approved spend is invoiced.

Ensure global invoicing compliance.

Build local invoice templates or provide vendors with access to our custom invoice builder.

See what Workday VNDLY can do for you.