The City and County of Denver moves faster with Workday.

“When we migrated to Workday, we eliminated over 75% of the paper we were processing. Workday provided an enormous benefit for us.” – Executive Director of the Office of Human Resources

Reduced paper processing for HR by 75%

Self-service processes allowed HR to focus on programmes

Provided real-time data for better decision-making


A highly customised and integrated collection of on-premise systems made upgrades difficult for the City and County of Denver. Siloed core modules limited collaboration across the organisation and made it challenging for Denver to scale. The collection of third-party systems required extensive integration, and provided unreliable data.

Why Workday.

The City and County of Denver payroll processing time is now 25% faster, and all expense reports are submitted digitally, eliminating the use of paper forms. Auto-generation of asset accounting saves 10 to 20 hours per month, allowing more time for analysing new assets. Depreciation processing time dropped by almost 90 percent, and Denver has seen a 10 percent decrease in unqualified applicants.

Benefits and results.

Moving to a cloud solution.

Before Workday, the City and County of Denver ran on 23 servers and required more than 16 people to manage and integrate its various systems. Inefficient paper-based processes slowed progress and growth. Now, a team of 5 manages 150 integrations, and ERP technology is largely cloud-based and consolidated, with predictable costs.

Went from 23 servers to 0

Configurable without customisations.

The City and County of Denver was used to extensive customisation of the ERP code, which often complicated updates and patches. Now, instead of having to customise, users can configure, test and send changes for IT deployment in production.

Business processes now optimised without customisation

One system that decreases integration effort.

The City and County of Denver was bogged down by separate modules for HR, payroll, budgets and financials, as well as separate ATS and agency systems (airport and library). With Workday, it now operates with one system that doesn’t require integration between modules.


systems consolidated into 1

Shared chartfield and analytical values.

Previous module breakouts and separate systems increased the confusion around chartfield and analytical values. Additionally, transactional details often resided in another system, reducing drill-down capability. With Workday, the City and County of Denver benefits from a unified data model with interconnected values, providing up-to-date reports and drill-down capabilities in analytics.

Unified data model increased confidence in the data

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