Sales capacity and headcount planning that moves your business forward.

Sales capacity dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning that shows sales capacity plans against costs and corporate strategy.


Deliver results and close coverage gaps.

Deploy the right reps in the right territories, close coverage gaps, anticipate expenses and fine-tune sales capacity to meet your revenue targets.

  • Sales headcount planning
  • Sales capacity planning
  • Ramp, productivity and attrition analysis
  • Incentive compensation planning

All of your sales capacity and headcount planning in one place.

Sales capacity and planning tool dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning showing numerical values and charts for bottom-up summary.

Tie staffing plans to your business strategy.

Empower cross-functional collaboration among sales, finance and HR by ensuring that planned headcount fits into your organisation’s broader hiring plan.

Fine-tune your sales capacity plan with ease.

Whether it's increasing or decreasing headcount or dealing with unexpected attrition, our software lets you easily see the impact of sales headcount changes across the organisation.

Create compensation plans that support key objectives.

Strategically plan and design incentive compensation plans to boost performance and support sales targets.

Build a successful sales headcount plan with data.

Modify plan assumptions around quota, seasonality, segment, attainment and more.


Close gaps and optimise sales coverage.

Build a winning headcount plan.

Model multiple headcount plan scenarios across geographies, verticals and role types, and use data to distribute your sales resources.

Create flexible sales capacity plans.

Quickly and easily assess the effect of adding new hires or new customers on other business functions.

Model headcount for each scenario.

Construct a headcount plan that ties back to costs, so you can ensure that sales resourcing fits within the broader corporate hiring plan.

Build compensation plans that drive business growth.

Streamline incentive compensation forecasts, model comp plan components and automate assignments based on role and segment.

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