Our planning technology.

From the beginning, we imagined an easy-to-use planning technology with unmatched power and security. So you can model, report, and analyze at any scale and complexity—without missing a beat.


Power and performance when you need it.

Powered by Elastic Hypercube Technology, Workday Adaptive Planning automatically adds memory and computing power when you need it—without sacrificing performance.

Plan without limits.

With virtually limitless planning, Workday Adaptive Planning scales to the needs and complexity of your modern organization.

AI and machine learning.

Our technology uses anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and ML algorithms for greater data accuracy.

Built for large data volumes.


dimensions at a multinational bakery manufacturer.


accounts at the world’s largest global consulting firm.


projects at a major US university.


Fits into any ecosystem.

Automatically and seamlessly syncs data and metadata from your CRM, ERP, HCM, and other systems for easier data management across your business.

“Workday Adaptive Planning has brought extraordinary value to our business by giving us the power of information to help make better decisions.”

—Senior Director of Enterprise Systems and Solutions, Shake Shack


Flexible technology for any scenario.

Our adaptable planning technology supports unlimited scenario planning with flexible structures and models—and easily scales as your business grows.

“We can see that Workday is built on solid, up-to-date technical foundations. This means we can be confident that the product will continue to develop at a fast pace, unencumbered by the technical debt that hampers a lot of legacy solutions.”

—Head of Corporate Technology, Man Group


Unmatched security across all of your systems.

Workday deploys industry-leading safeguards and continuously monitors systems, so you can rest easy knowing your most sensitive data is protected 24/7.

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