Analytics and reporting for confident workforce decisions.

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The world’s leading companies trust Workday.


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Turn insights into action with unparalleled agility.

Only Workday connects applications in a unified data model and blends contextual, real-time, and multisource data with AI so that you can manage your business with confidence.

Streamlined experience with in-line context.

Your people can access the data they need directly in their workflow without having to log in to multiple tools and systems. Less friction, greater adoption.

A security model for scalable, self-service analytics.

Forget the hassle of creating and maintaining security models. Our single security model delivers consistent security across applications, keeping sensitive data secure as you scale self-service analytics.

Ethical AI and machine learning (ML).

Workday is the only major cloud HCM and financial management provider that delivers a clear understanding of the AI and ML models used through transparency in design and explainability.

Competitive benchmarking.

See how you’re progressing against global and industry benchmarks based on the largest standardized dataset of employee feedback in Workday Peakon Employee Voice.



Enable self-service reporting and analysis at scale.

Get decision-critical data into the hands of your people with core reporting and analytics capabilities.


Identify opportunities faster.

Leverage automation and machine learning to surface risks, workforce trends, and opportunities.


Empower your teams with external data.

Bring external data into Workday applications for analysis, planning, and more.

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