Enterprise planning software that moves you forward.

Business evolves quickly. Workday Adaptive Planning embeds AI and ML at its core, so you can make better decisions faster, and adapt as things change. The result? Greater organizational agility.

Screenshot of Workday Adaptive Planning software Financial Analysis dashboard.

Our 6,000 customers achieve amazing results.


Insights as intelligent as your business.

Our customers choose Workday Adaptive Planning because we uniquely offer scale and performance, an intuitive user experience, and AI and ML driven insights to help organizations of all sizes make game-changing strategic decisions.

  • Easy to use

  • Built-in analytics

  • Flexible for faster decisions

  • Scales with your business

  • Gets you up and running fast


Financial planning.

Flexible budgeting, scenario planning, and reporting let you plan, budget, and forecast with confidence.

Workforce planning.

Plan for the skills you need today and tomorrow with flexible hiring plans that align finance, sales, HR, marketing, and IT.

Operational planning.

Enable company-wide planning in concert with finance. Use real-time data to deploy the right resources to meet business goals.


Plan and budget with confidence.

Automate and streamline plans, budgets, and forecasts and align headcount, sales, and operational plans—freeing time for strategy, not manual tasks. 

Workday Adaptive Planning has given us the ability to bring our full financial picture together in a way we were never able to before. It has unlocked our corporate reporting.

—Erin Levy, Head of Financial System Advisory, CNA

Workday Adaptive Planning FAQs

Can I get Workday Adaptive Planning without purchasing other Workday products?

Absolutely. You can get Workday Adaptive Planning whether you have another Workday application or not. Our software works with any ERP/GL or other enterprise system (for example, HR, CRM, capital, and so on.).

Workday Adaptive Planning is open with a purpose-built integration framework, allowing customers to integrate any data source from their systems including ERP/GL, CRM, HR, PSA, and more. Over 300 unique systems can connect to Workday Adaptive Planning.

Workday Adaptive Planning is fast to deploy with rapid return on investment. Average deployment time is 4.5 months, even for some of the world’s largest companies.

Workday Adaptive Planning is designed to support even the most complex planning requirements—so it can work for any organization. 

We have customers across all industries, geographies, and company sizes.

Yes. We acquired Adaptive Insights in 2018, and it’s now Workday Adaptive Planning. As part of the Workday Enterprise Management Cloud, Workday Adaptive Planning continues to deliver a best-in-class enterprise planning solution to our thousands of customers.

First, EPM systems use an accounting and a general-ledger-centric approach to business planning versus one that is companywide. Second, performance targets and KPIs are measured periodically rather than continuously. Finally, budgets and plans are created within each business unit and are often tied to specific performance goals.

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