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Human resource management for the changing world of work.

Human resource management dashboard showing retain and engage talent percentages, and a bar graph for head count and open positions.

What You Can Do

Build a workforce that’s made to adapt.

Workday human resource management software allows you to do more than just manage and track your workforce. 

We provide a complete understanding of your workforce, skills, and capabilities. With more insight, you can make the right organizational changes, deliver personalized experiences, and nurture growth.

  • Global workforce management
  • Complete worker and skills profile management
  • Flexible organizational structures and modeling
  • Agile compensation management
  • Central administration of benefits
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Be ready for what comes next.

Everything about work is changing—from the workplace to the workforce to work itself. With an agile system from Workday, you can prepare for tomorrow.

Build the skills you need.

Help your organization discover and develop talent. Our skills-based talent management solution empowers you to build a workforce that can meet the demands of tomorrow.

Model your organization.

Model, review, and execute reorganizations as often as you need. With our flexible framework, you can quickly adjust policies and processes, and redefine operational models.

Count on global support.

By design, Workday was built to support organizations and the evolving regulatory landscape. Whether you’re located in 10 countries or 100, we enable you to operate locally and manage business globally.

Manage all kinds of benefits.

Administer and adjust plans, packages, and eligibility rules with ease. We bring benefits and employee transactional data into the same system, so changes flow seamlessly into payroll.

Get compensation just right.

Define and manage compensation packages using just one system. From collaborating on compensation review to personalizing merit pay, we provide the tools you need to meet your compensation goals.

Workday Today uses machine learning to suggest tasks, curate learning, and more.

Experiences that let your people shine.

Keeping your workforce happy starts with giving them what they need, when they need it. With Workday, you can provide your people with the tools to take charge of their career.

Personalize experiences.

Serve up employee experiences tailored to how your people work. We use machine learning to suggest tasks, curate learning, and more—so everyone can be their most productive selves.

Provide answers to common HR questions at the moment of need and allow your people to manage everything from requesting time off to viewing benefits.

Help employees proactively build their skills and find new learning opportunities that move their careers—and the organization—forward.

Take care of all types of workers.

Support full-time, hourly, contingent, gig, and contract workers alike. Workday HCM with Workday VNDLY helps you deliver the same experience to everyone across the globe.

Truly understand your people.

Get a full snapshot of the worker profile. From work history to learning and more, we provide the insight you need to help your people grow. 

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