A platform that gives you the power to adapt.

Only Workday offers IT solutions that empower you to embrace the future of work. See how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) help you adapt faster than ever to stay competitive.

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Turning obstacles into opportunities.

Your team is pivotal to creating an adaptable organization. But outdated technologies hold them back from meeting IT needs. By moving beyond the ERP model of the past with adaptable technology, you can turn your obstacles into valuable opportunities.

Overcome innovation challenges with AI and ML technologies embedded at the core.

Move from inelastic operations to elastic operations and free IT up to innovate.

Go from rigid processes to flexible processes to meet changing IT needs.

Turn siloed data into unified data and unlock real-time insights.

Shift from brittle integrations to built-in interoperability for faster value.

Change lackluster experiences into frictionless, engaging experiences.

Go from reactive to proactive with regular security and compliance updates.


Activating IT’s power to adapt.

As the most adaptable platform for finance and HR, Workday Enterprise Management Cloud gives your IT team the power to adapt—today and tomorrow. So you can focus on innovating, growing, and delivering remarkable employee experiences.


Empower IT to innovate while minimizing risks.

To stay competitive, organizations need to continually innovate, but this can be costly and risky. Innovation such as AI and ML are built right into the core of Workday, so your team can boldly blaze new trails.

AI IQ: Insights on Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise.

Workday innovations in machine learning.

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Keep operations elastic with one true cloud.

Inflexible operations require IT resources on standby to stay on top of fluctuating workloads. Our true cloud architecture delivers operational adaptability, scale, elasticity, and security, so IT can focus on innovation instead.

The benefits of the cloud.

The Workday tech strategy.

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Rewire processes at the speed of business.

Calcified processes take weeks or months to change, making it hard for organizations to adapt. Our configurable frameworks allow you to adjust on the fly, while maintaining the durability and security of changes.

The Workday business process framework.

How our enterprise frameworks enable IT.


Unify your data to move faster.

When data is siloed, it becomes an obstacle to taking quick, confident actions. Our intelligent data core, reporting, and analytics give you the 360-degree view you need to be a decision-ready organization—while maintaining data security.

The data-enabled finance function.

Data and analytics innovation for CIOs.

Workday offers a business-optimized development platform.

Gain built-in interoperability.

Managing a tangle of integration and development stacks wastes time and money. Workday changes all that. With a business-optimized development platform, you can build new capabilities in days, instead of months.

An extensible solution for IT leaders.

Unlock new value with Workday Extend.

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Engage employees with a frictionless experience.

A positive employee experience can mean the difference between sustained success and missed opportunities. Workday supports the moments that matter, removes friction from processes, and uses data to deliver engaging experiences.

Build a modern employee experience.

Thrive with an engaged workforce.

Stay ahead of the next cybersecurity threat or compliance requirement with Workday.

Keep security and compliance up to date.

We continuously deliver innovations and proven fixes to all our customers. So you can stay a step ahead of the next cybersecurity threat or compliance requirement, and benefit from the latest enhancements with no disruption.

Security and trust with Workday.

Global compliance with Workday.

Get the power to adapt.

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