Master AI and machine learning for finance.

Finance and planning leaders, grow your AI and machine learning (ML) literacy in this new multi-part master class created in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review Connections.  

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Gain the tools to navigate the future of finance.

AI and ML continue to reshape the world of finance. In this certificate program, you’ll learn the latest information and best practices to help you better navigate an AI-enabled business environment. Sessions include:

  • The Case for an AI-Powered Productivity Boom 

  • Creating an Effective Data Strategy for Explainable AI

  • AI-Powered Finance: Practical Use Cases for Intelligent Automation 

  • Regulatory and Business Implications of AI 

  • Upskilling Finance Talent for an AI-Augmented Workplace 


Learn finance AI and ML from leading experts.

This finance AI training series features experts from MIT, Stanford, Deloitte, and more.


Erik Brynjolfsson

Director, Stanford Digital Economy Lab


Michael Schrage

Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy


Tom Davenport

Research Fellow, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and co-author of “All in on AI”


Nitin Mittal

Principal, Deloitte Consulting and co-author of “All in on AI”


Sayan Chakraborty

Member, National Artificial Intelligence Committee and Co-President, Workday


Jorja Jackson

VP, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Workday


Ash Noah

VP and Managing Director, AICPA-CIMA

Accelerate your AI and ML learning journey.