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Sales planning software that increases your sales performance.

Sales planning summary dashboard showing graphs for booking plans and quotas.


Formulate plans that win. Then execute flawlessly.

Successful sales strategies start with Workday Adaptive Planning. From quota to head-count planning, we’ve got you covered. Plan sales resources, set equitable quotas, and improve sales predictability—all while keeping pace with changing business needs.

  • Sales territory planning
  • Sales capacity planning
  • Compensation planning
  • Quota planning
  • Sales forecasting
  • Sales analytics/monitoring
  • What-if analysis
People examining data around from around the world.

Design territories that drive success.

Assign accounts to territories based on geography or named assignment. Workday Adaptive Planning enables you to create targeted, manageable, and balanced sales territories—so your teams can do their best work.

Set better quotas.
See better results.

There may not be a “magic number” in sales, but there are data-driven insights. With our sales planning software, you can make sure quotas match available opportunities for each sales rep. Productivity goes up, and attrition goes down.

Define targets that hit the mark.

Intuitively set targets across time, region, product, and other segments that are relevant to your company’s go-to-market strategy. With finance and HR together, you can improve collaboration across the board.

All your sales planning tools, all in one. 

Planned staffing dashboard showing graphs and tables for headcount.
Sales capacity and head-count planning.

Get analytics on productivity, ramp schedules, and attrition to deploy the right resources to the right place. Then connect your plan across finance and HR models to tie staffing plans back to costs.


Build balanced territories through scoring and automate account assignment based on user-defined rules. Workday helps you ensure reps can support their quotas and that quotas match available market opportunity.

Blend forecast data with pipeline analytics and funnel metrics. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can better forecast product demand across customers, segments, and geographies.

Figure out what works and what doesn’t—without relying on email for updates and reports. We serve up real-time data, so you can see where actuals deviate from planned assumptions.

“We know confidently that our sales team is going to go into a year with a number and a plan that’s going to make them successful.”

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