Sales quota planning and management software for a changing world.

Sales quota management software from Workday Adaptive Planning. Annual Bookings Plan dashboard for quota assumptions.


Achieve your quotas with fewer surprises.

Increase productivity, reduce attrition, and optimize attainment, through better sales quota planning.

  • Top-down sales target setting
  • Bottom-up quota planning
  • Quota setting by roles, segments, and more
  • Opportunity-based quota setting
  • Quota over-assignment and coverage
  • Overlay quota planning
  • Quota management

More attainment. Less pain.

Dashboard of Quota Management with Workday Adaptive Planning software, showing numerical values and charts for summary of Annual Bookings

Set quotas that work for you and your business.

Leverage the right metrics and methodology to ensure equitable quota assignments.

Ground your quotas in data.

Ensure adequate quota coverage across your organization and see plan changes in real time. Set realistic quotas based on available sales opportunities.

Mitigate attrition and reward high performers.

Data-driven, optimized quotas result in an ideal distribution of attainment across your sales organization, reducing attrition and rewarding performance.

Adjust plans as goals and assumptions change.

See the impact of quota assumptions right away and plan across multiple scenarios. When goals or assumptions change, you can easily run a new plan.

“We might change a growth percentage or a number of headcount, and Workday Adaptive Planning allows us to do that quickly, see the results, and have a business conversation.”

Get quotas just right.

Create integrated targets that align sales and finance.

Seamlessly align sales goals with corporate targets. Intuitively cascade planned targets throughout your sales hierarchy. Roll up a bottom-up quota deployment plan just as easily.

Enable intuitive, demystified quota setting.

Easily deploy sales quotas across roles, geographies and segments and ensure that your sales quotas are equitable, challenging, and achievable—resulting in higher productivity and lower attrition.

Execute agile, adaptable quotas.

Ensure that quota assignments and revisions are effectively managed in a system that offers visibility, security, and governance.

See Workday Adaptive Planning in action.

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