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SmartCIO magazine provides IT leaders with valuable industry insights, strategies, and best practices. In the latest issue, we speak with technology leaders to understand how they partner across the organisation to achieve meaningful innovation.

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Power the future of work with AI and machine learning (ML).

Read the AI IQ Research Report

IT leaders feel pressure to adopt AI and ML to stay competitive.

Yet, there are three things that prevent them from embracing the future of work.

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Read about Workday's continued diligence to ethical AI and ML trust.

Workday’s continued diligence to ethical AI and ML trust.

Learn more about commitment to trustworthy AI for our customers and their employees.

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Read how skills-based organizations use AI

How skills-based organizations use AI to create tomorrow’s jobs.

A skills-based approach to talent helps upskill and retain talent for the jobs of the future.

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Read Workday's Vision for AI

Workday’s vision for AI

As Workday brings the benefits of AI to our customers and their employees, we’re committed to doing so responsibly.

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Enable technology that’s architected for agility.

Read why business can't avoid ERP modernization

Why businesses can’t avoid ERP modernization any longer.

See how modern ERP environments put the right information into the hands of decision-makers.

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Enabling agility in technology, people, and infrastructure.

Cloud technology is transforming the City of Baltimore.

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Keybank CIO: How to create a data strategy.

KeyBanks’s CIO uses data in daily operations and to drive digital transformation.

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Read why strong CIO-finance alignment helps business

Business success depends on strong CIO-CFO partnerships.

Discovery why strong CIO-finance alignment helps modern business focus on growth.

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Build an engaging employee experience.

Watch how CIOs power the employee experience

How CIOs power the employee experience.

Discover how better employee experiences reduce turnover and increase productivity.

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Listen to podcast on employee experience

Elevating the employee experience with mobile.

Increase employee satisfaction by delivering an engaging end-to-end mobile app experience.

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Read why CIOs are rewriting the IT talent rules

CIOs are rewriting the IT talent management rules.

Our global study shows how today’s IT leaders manage the skills and talent of their teams.

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Creating a seamless employee experience.

See how Workday is delivering on its mission to make work effortless.

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Prepare for where IT is headed.

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The future of IT: Trends, predictions, and key research.

Cloud technology improves employee experiences, operational efficiencies, and decision-making.

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Read ERP modernization report

Report: ERP modernization is business transformation.

The latest IDC and Workday report shows how a cloud-based ERP environment increases agility.

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Read CIO-CFO relationship report

Report: The CIO-CFO partnership.

Discover how CIO-CFO alignment accelerates digital transformation.

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Report: Closing the acceleration gap.

Use these five best practices to overcome common IT capabilities gaps and navigate uncertainty.

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