Workday Enterprise Planning Use Cases

Modeling, planning, and budgeting for every industry.

See how Workday Adaptive Planning enables organizations to drive better decision-making and chart a course through uncertainty.

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Plan the balance sheet, budget non-interest expenses, model funds transfer pricing, and forecast portfolio profitability.


Plan and budget revenue and expenses by patient volume and units of service, model net revenue by line of service, and measure productivity by clinic.


Plan staff and labor costs, forecast sales by location, model occupancy and demand, and analyze property profitability.


Calculate reinsurance rates and product profitability by product line, forecast premiums and claims, and model customer demand.


Calculate production and labor costs, plan shifts, calculate utilization, yield, and bill of materials, and model supply chain disruptions.


Forecast funding, track program and staff expenses, manage revenue streams, and adjust plans as programs and funding change.

Professional and Business Services

Budget project expenses, plan staffing, model utilization and backlog, and track project portfolio profitability.


Forecast traffic and sales, model category margins and customer demand, and perform same-store cluster analysis.

Software and Technology

Model subscription bookings, rep productivity, retention and cohort behavior, and customer LTV and retention costs.

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