Demand and supply planning software that helps you plan for what’s next.

Demand and supply planning dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning software, showing numerical values and charts for product forecast.


The demand and supply solution that delivers the goods.

Workday Adaptive Planning helps you stay ahead of demand and quickly pivot when things change.

  • What-if analysis
  • Demand forecasting using machine learning (ML)

  • Asset and labor mix

  • Inventory and supply forecasting

  • Distribution planning

Deliver resources right when they’re needed. 

Demand and supply planning dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning, showing numerical values and charts for shipping details.

Achieve greater forecast accuracy with machine learning.

Historical data is not always enough in a rapidly changing market. Workday allows you to plan for what’s happening now using predictive drivers and real-time data. 

Shift plans on the fly.

Adjust demand and supply plans quickly with driver-based modeling to deliver what your customers want, when they want it.

Collaborate with the business.

Understand how other areas of the business impact your plans to keep your targets in lockstep with the company-wide plan.

Report with ease.

Self-service reporting helps you better analyze your demand and supply plans, while easily tracking progress and sharing your findings with the organization.

“We’ve cut our processing time in half and we can do almost twice as much as we did before, so we are improving demand-planning efficiency by 4 times with Workday Adaptive Planning.”


Create demand and supply plans that you can adjust as you go.

Conduct in-depth what-if analysis.

Create short- and long-term demand forecasts with analysis based on financial, operational, or sales data.

Create the right asset and labor mix.

Build the right asset and labor mix to meet demand. Quickly adjust to future supply changes when needed.

Build accurate demand forecasts.

Generate driver-based models to better  understand expected demand and align resources to meet it.

Model inventory plans with multiple variables.

Design inventory plans to ensure on-time delivery and full stock levels. Model inventory based on lead time and projected demand.

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