Run great projects with all your data in the same place.

Project management software dashboard showing graphs for average revenue by project role and assignment.

what you can do

Understand what makes projects and teams successful.

Workday Projects seamlessly connects financial management, Services CPQ, HCM, expenses and time tracking in one solution. This makes it easier than ever to plan, staff, track and manage internal and billable projects. The result? Happier clients and happier employees.

  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Project costing
  • Project budgeting
  • Project billing
  • Capital projects
  • Project analytics

“Now our finance managers have more time to perform analytics and report on how our services and projects deliver value. That enables us to make the right financial and talent management decisions as we grow our business.”

Right projects. Right talent. Right time.

Resource manager dashboard showing a table of worker allocations and number of workers needing attention.

The success of any project depends on having the right people. With intelligent resource staffing in Workday, you can take the guesswork out of hiring.

Match talent based on what they can do.

Choose talent based on their skills, competencies, job profile, availability, past project performance and more.

See your staffing needs, compare workers, forecast resource demand and source for talent all in one place.

Staffing your project? Enter the skills you’re looking for and machine learning will automatically suggest similar skills for you to choose from.

Project manager view of project manager hub.

Account for projects – just like that.

Capture, capitalise and analyse project costs without integrations. Because projects are in the same system as finance, services quotes, expenses and HCM, every cost is tracked and ready for accounting and reporting.

Manage projects in one place. 

Project management has never been so seamless. Workday gives you a centralised hub with key information and visualisations to assess project status and take action fast. With Workday Assistant, employees can easily check on projects and get the latest updates. 

Manage projects in one place.

Understand your KPIs, then act.

With Workday, you get full visibility into project status, expenses, time, and more, from the portfolio down to the transaction level – on desktop and mobile. 

KPIs you can act on include:
  • Project revenue
  • Project spend
  • Portfolio profitability
  • Resource capacity
  • Resource utilisation

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