Sales planning software that drives better performance.

Winning sales strategies start with Workday Adaptive Planning. Plan territories, set quotas, and deploy sales resources in real time—so you can capture every market opportunity.

Workday Adaptive Planning Sales Planning budget dashboard showing sample budget and a table for expenses.
Sales planning is even easier with Workday Adaptive Planning. The Territory Plan dashboard lets you quickly see what’s happening, identify trends and variances and make better decisions.


Give your sales team the power to win.

Plan with agility and confidence.

Quickly spin up models to distribute quotas, design territories, and plan headcount to align sales resources to revenue targets.

Make decisions based on insights, not instincts.

When your planning assumptions are rooted in data, it’s easier to identify trends and variances and make better decisions.

Design a robust, scalable sales planning process.

Adjust your sales plans on the fly. Our flexible sales planning platform can handle the needs and complexities of your business.

Automate complex, time-consuming tasks.

Seamlessly import and incorporate CRM and customer enrichment data, so you can streamline complex planning processes.

Improve cross-functional alignment.

Align sales plans to finance and HR with a unified data core and the same set of planning assumptions.

Move forward faster.

Keep up with the pace of change. The in-memory engine powered by machine learning in Workday Adaptive Planning delivers flexibility to adjust your plans as fast as change happens.


Quota planning.

Match sales goals with available market opportunities to ensure equitable assignments that boost productivity.

Territory planning.

Create targeted, manageable territories that help your teams do their best work. Segment your business to optimally execute your go-to-market strategy.

Sales capacity and headcount.

Improve sales performance with sales capacity and headcount modeling that incorporates ramp, attainment, and more.

Analytics and forecasting.

Forecast demand across customers and geographies; blend forecast data with pipeline analytics and funnel metrics—all in one platform.

“We know confidently that our sales team is going to go into a year with a number and a plan that’s going to make them successful.”

See Workday Adaptive Planning in action.

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