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Captivate audiences. Inspire talent. Scale globally.

From content creation to monetization, the media and entertainment industry is evolving—fast. Workday delivers the agility and insight you need to pivot quickly and embrace the future with confidence.


The world’s leading companies use Workday to help them adapt  and improve performance.

Consolidated 11 systems into 1.

Improved decision-making with forecasting.

Easily reorganized after acquisitions.

Gained the flexibility to support growth.


VIBE Central for media and entertainment industry

Critical insight for positive change.

Measure everything from hiring and promotions to your people’s sense of belonging. With the Workday VIBE Index™, you can see where you stand and then take action.

Comprehensive workforce management.

From compensation and payroll to time tracking and benefits, Workday gives you all the tools you need to optimize the time, talent, and energy of your people.

A dynamic skills foundation.

Develop a workforce that’s ready for what’s next. We help you understand the skills you have, the skills you need, and how to build those skills to close the gap.


Financial management revenue dashboard for media and entertainment industry

End-to-end revenue management.

Control every aspect of revenue management, from contract to cash. Workday enables you to capture every contractual change for greater visibility and lower risk.

Next-level analytics.

Ingest and prepare high volumes of data, both operational and historical. With a complete view of your business, you can empower your teams to make better decisions, faster.

A system that helps you adapt.

With an enterprise management cloud for the entertainment industry, you get a flexible, frictionless foundation that enables you to evolve at the speed of change.


Enterprise planning media dashboard for media and entertainment industry

Enterprise-wide planning.

From title planning and revenue forecasting to modeling greenlight scenarios, Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the insights you need to get ready for what’s next.

Unlimited operational insight.

With Workday Prism Analytics, you can aggregate high-volume data—such as airtime, viewer rating, advertiser, impression, and retention—to gain total visibility into every transaction.

Seamless project management.

Plan, staff, track, and manage your projects—all in the same system as your financials, expenses, and HR.


Discover board for production spend analysis for media and entertainment industry

An intelligent data foundation.

To thrive in the new world of media, you need instant access to high volumes of financial, workforce, and operational data. Workday delivers just that.

A framework that flexes with you.

Adapt to change as quickly as change happens. Our flexible business process framework lets you configure how processes work—no coding needed.

Seamless integrations and extensibility.

As your needs evolve, Workday Integrations and Workday Extend make it easy to quickly build new apps or integrate with third-party systems.


Phenomenal things happen when you bring your systems together.

Sample Workday application home screen on desktop and mobile.

Flexibility when you need it most.

Change requires adaptability. Workday provides you with a flexible solution that lets you quickly course correct without disrupting your business.

Insights to guide your decisions.

We bring all of your data—finance, HR, planning, payroll, operations, and more—into the same system. With an intelligent data core, your business can make decisions based on a trusted source of truth.

Efficiency to scale and grow.

Taking your business into the future means operating at your best today. With finance, HR, planning, and analytics in Workday Enterprise Management Cloud, your teams can handle it all and become more productive than ever.

Value today and for years to come.

Our predictable deployment model gets you live on time. And once you’re up and running, we continue to innovate and deliver product enhancements to you so you get the most out of your investment. 

A true partner for media and entertainment organizations.

At Workday, we’re invested in our customers’ success. It’s one reason why we lead the industry with a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Watch the video to learn more.

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