Optimize your workforce capacity.

Workday Adaptive Planning Workforce Planning Dashboard showing headcount, new hires, terminations, trends, and bottom-up position and job management plans.


Build your best workforce.

Our software helps you meet business demands by allocating the right people at the right time across projects, departments, and locations.

  • Powerful modeling engine
  • Unlimited driver-based scenarios
  • Bottom-up operational inputs to adjust plans

Model your optimal workforce.

Workday Adaptive Planning Workforce Planning capacity plan dashboard.

Build flexible workforce capacity models.

Plan the allocation of available skills in your workforce across business units and facilities to meet your key operating needs and strategic goals.

Adjust built-in drivers, assumptions, and seasonality.

Track key drivers and benchmark best practices—across stores, production sites, and geographies—to determine the right mix of talent, FTE, and contingent workers.

Identify and share top staffing strategies.

Share drivers and assumptions across all locations or projects to enable better company-wide modeling and performance.

“Workday is a strategic partner for HR and our business units. We can now find all employee data to support our daily processes and business.”


Ensure your capacity supports your mission.

Powerful modeling.

Our software provides powerful modeling, shared data, dashboards, visualizations, and workflow to handle your workforce plans—no matter how complex.

Driver-based scenarios.

Assumptions and business drivers power your models so you can easily adjust key operational levers and make better decisions, faster.

Operational inputs to plan.

Weigh bottom-up operational inputs against corporate plans with timely demand signals that trigger recalibration.

Workday’s People Experience homepage viewed on a desktop computer.

Bring planning and execution together.

For your workforce plans to be effective, you need to pull timely people data from your HCM system. Workday Human Capital Management automates this effort. With HCM and planning in a unified system, you can analyze your talent needs, identify how to fill them, and put your plans into motion.


See how continuous planning works.

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