Creating an exceptional employee journey.

Cycle & Carriage harnesses human capital management to empower employees with self-service, providing seamless HR services that meet the needs of their business.

One-stop access to HR data for management team

Unified suite of applications offering single source of truth and facilitating services

Ease of policy implementation allows forward planning

With 70% of its employees mobile, Cycle & Carriage wanted to create a great experience for all. Priorities were to simplify and automate processes using a unified suite of applications that could integrate with downstream systems. HR wanted to create a single source of the truth, facilitate self-service, and allow managers to make better use of HR analytics. It also wanted to support regional operations with a flexible tool that could drive consistency while allowing local rules.

The company’s starting point was a siloed patchwork of digital and analogue systems, including localized payroll in Singapore and Malaysia. Self-service was limited. A new hire or a leave update required the team to manually maintain employee data. Different individuals were producing their own spreadsheets with people data, making accurate and timely data collection and reporting extremely challenging.

Workday was the one tool or platform that could help our managers to visualize data in real time.

Ding Woei, Head of Rewards and HR Technology

Matching up the customer and employee experience.

Workday has advanced the employee experience at Cycle & Carriage to align with the seamless digital service it offers its customers. “We decided that, if our customers can book a test drive, or track the progress of a sale, using a mobile app, then our employees should have that same self-service and transparency when it comes to HR transactions within the organization,” explains Ding Woei, Head of Rewards & HR Technology.

“Previously, one of the real pain points for management was that data was all over the place. It could take weeks to pull out data to answer simple questions like, ‘What is my team’s top expense item?’ Now, we have information like that at our fingertips.”

Our technicians and sales people can apply for leave, do a performance review or complete forms easily and quickly on their mobile.

Ding Woei, Head of Rewards and HR Technology

Accelerating change.

Having digitized their paper forms and centralized all people processes in Workday, HR is more equipped to respond to business environment changes more efficiently and effectively. When policies and procedures shift, the team can roll the new processes out to employees via Workday. “We can actually roll out surveys and new workflows on Workday and test the system ourselves, so it’s a much shorter time frame,” says Ding. “These new capabilities were vital during the pandemic when HR needed to roll out full remote work and capture vaccine status of all our employees.”

She’s delighted to see the HR team developing a new pro-technology mindset: “Instead of equating the system with data entry, people see it as a valuable tool that facilitates daily operations, not only in terms of data integrity and transparency but also the ease of access anytime, anywhere.”

With Workday, we can pull out a complex, configured report with a few clicks of a button.

Abigail Tay, Manager, HRIS

Mobilizing support during the pandemic.

When COVID hit, Cycle & Carriage employees found themselves working from home 100% for the first time. HR used Workday surveys to find out how people were coping, what pain points they were dealing with, and where they needed support. The system also helped HR to plan ahead to roll out new policies in support of employees returning to the workplace as the countries’ safe management measures gradually eased.

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