Keeping top-tier talent starts here.

Understand when employees are at risk for leaving, and know how to help them stay engaged and motivated.

Workday Peakon Employee Voice dashboard showing engagement metrics for the employee experience cycle.

Benefits you’ll love.

Decrease attrition costs, increase agility.

Prevent costly turnover with an accurate forecast of attrition risk among different employee populations based on real-time feedback and powered by machine learning.

Track employee experience metrics.

Elevate the employee experience by addressing the root causes of disengagement and burnout with employee lifecycle metrics and real-time employee listening insights and reports.

Understand the impact of employee sentiment.

Dig into how different employee experience areas affect your attrition rate. Analyze further by blending your employee sentiment data with external data using Workday analytics tools.

Make better decisions with integrated data.

Gain deeper workforce insights and analyze decisions more efficiently by integrating real-time sentiment data with human capital management (HCM) data.

Lower churn rate the right way. 


Improve employee sentiment.

Help people leaders understand what’s working and what isn’t. Prescribed actions make it easy to implement effective initiatives to increase sentiment.

Identify the causes of turnover.

Leverage real-time employee lifecycle metrics to help uncover trends by department, location, and more to help you engage and retain your talent.

Forecast your risk in real time.

Accurately forecast the risk of employee turnover across your organization with the power of AI. The next step? Take targeted action and create contingency plans.

“The great thing about working with Workday Peakon Employee Voice is that it embraces the concept of journey mapping. Ultimately, we’re able to really understand the different issues and problems that come up during the employee journey.”

—Stuart Logan, Chief Human Resources Officer

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