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With embedded intelligence in the very core of our platform, gain deeper insights, improve efficiency, and enhance the employee experience with Workday AI.

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"We achieved a very short time frame from idea generation to implementation."

Workforce sentiment insights are helping Suncorp rapidly adapt to market volatility and increase resilience.


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A use for all aspects of your organization.

With the Industry Accelerator for Banking and Capital markets, you benefit from a global ecosystem of partners to help you adapt, innovate, and scale—all while fast-tracking your digital transformation.

Automated and Scalable Finance

Financial Reporting and Analytics

Continuous and Company-Wide Planning

Proactive Spend Management

Talent Management

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IDC infobrief: the state of banking operations.

Where can banks improve? Adapting legacy systems to comply with new regulations and improving access to quality data are high on the list, according to IDC. Dive into banking’s top challenges and opportunities.

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