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Retail solutions that adapt to change.

Shifting consumer demands, evolving workforce expectations, and new business models—the retail industry is changing faster than ever. Can your enterprise system help you accelerate fast and keep up? Workday can.

People in retail

“We didn’t have good visibility of who was in our ecosystem.”

With all its data in a unified system, 7-Eleven Australia gains insight to improve employee experience and develop talent.


A use for every aspect of your organization.

The retail industry moves fast. That’s why Workday provides features and capabilities that help you manage your people, productivity, finances, and much more.

Managing a Frontline Workforce

Transforming Talent Management

Controlling Costs and Managing Margins

Workforce, Financial Planning, and Analytics

Proactive Spend Management

IDC infobrief for retail

Success starts with intelligent technology.

In an IDC global research study, 44% of retail executives said they struggle with technology systems that provide limited visibility into operations. Learn what other challenges retail leaders are experiencing, and how they’re adapting.

See how retail can accelerate finance transformation.

See how we put our customers at the center.

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