How ChristianaCare drives the future of health.

Leaders at this nationally recognized nonprofit describe the use of Workday applications to overcome some of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare professionals.

Long recognized as a leader in healthcare innovation, ChristianaCare uses cutting-edge technology to improve health outcomes, make high-quality care more accessible, and lower health care costs, despite increased competition and additional pressure to reduce operational expenses. Whether it’s finances, HR, or supply chain, here’s how ChristianaCare leverages Workday applications to reduce friction for staff so they can focus more on the mission and patient care.

Reduce the cost of care.


Reduced payroll resources by about 40%

Increased payroll processing speed by 25%

Massive growth in expenses and rising inflation in recent years has put a significant strain on healthcare organizations.

ChristianaCare uses Workday applications, including Workday Financial Management, to enable  managers to simplify accounting procedures and create detailed financial reports—saving a significant amount of time, money, and resources. 

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See how ChristianaCare drives financial decisions with data.

Harness the agility and power of data.

Two people with a magnifying glass.

Annual budgeting and continuous forecasting in 4 days.

Though the COVID-19 public health emergency is in the rear-view mirror, the healthcare industry still faces significant disruption.

ChristianaCare has leveraged Workday Adaptive Planning to use the power of data and what-if scenarios to make the best decisions for the communities it serves. For  example, leaders transformed their annual budgeting process into continuous forecasting in four days.

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Discover how ChristianaCare embraces a culture of agility.

Increase innovation and collaboration.


The need for novel approaches to better serve patients is an essential part of a successful healthcare organization.

ChristianaCare leaders’ commitment to innovative solutions includes the use of emerging technologies to respond and adapt to new challenges quickly. With Workday Credentials, a simple and secure way to verify the background of employees such as frontline workers, healthcare leaders can respond and adapt to the next crisis.

Take a deeper dive into how ChristianaCare fosters innovation and collaboration.

Build a resilient supply chain.


The healthcare industry faces its own supply chain challenges because of the critical role it plays in providing essential medical services and products.

ChristianaCare uses Workday Supply Chain Management for Healthcare to automate procure-to-pay and mobile inventory processes to run more efficiently and reduce costs. With real-time data, employees can minimize rogue spend, mitigate risk, nurture supplier relationships, and improve performance.

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