PUMA streamlines global HR processes with one intuitive system.

By bringing all of the information and tasks into one system, PUMA fundamentally changed how it runs HR.

Multiple systems integrated into 1 system

HR productivity increased through automation

Now business decisions are based on real-time data

Elimination of time-consuming back office processes 

Puma works in a highly competitive environment where they need to innovate, evolve and bring products to market quickly. So ensuring they have the right people and technology in place to support their growth is vital. They chose Workday as they wanted to streamline their processes and replace their legacy HRIS with an intuitive solution at a reduced running cost.

The right path to the future. 

User experience was one of the key reasons Puma chose Workday. It aligns well with their employees’ expectations of being able to use well-designed applications through fixed and mobile devices. We also provided a resilient global system that could accommodate regional variations, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. This meant Puma could standardise worker lifecycles – from onboarding to career growth – and see how employees were performing with up-to-the-minute insight. 

And for Puma, Workday was more innovative than competing systems. Dietmar Knoess, Global Director of HR and Central Services at Puma, says: “Workday showed it was constantly transforming. We could feel the strong customer focus. Workday clearly listens to its customers, adapting its technology to businesses’ changing requirements.”

Real-time insights – accessible everywhere at any time.

For Puma, employee turnover and absenteeism are two key performance indicators. With Workday, store managers no longer have to wait until month-end to access this information. Instead, they can manually build reports whenever they want to view this data. They can then evaluate turnover, absence rates and recruitment processes in real time.

User-friendly dashboards display report data so store managers can instantly analyse figures and avoid any time-consuming evaluations. They can also see who’s achieving their business objectives and identify who needs training to improve performance or advance their career.

With access to real-time data in Workday, we do a better job at supporting our people because we no longer lose time tracking down information.

Global Director of HR and Central Services

Run faster and more efficiently. 

By harmonising HR globally, Puma gets quicker insights into employee performance by reducing the crossover between HR and other systems. 

The company has also reduced costs by standardising on Workday – moving from multiple systems to one system. With fewer manual operations, HR teams are more productive, enabling them to manage a growing employee base without the need to increase headcount. Dietmar says: “Workday gives us greater consistency and has fundamentally changed the way we work. It makes life easier for employees and managers.”

A single HR system for everyone. 

All information relating to personnel is now contained in one system – providing Puma with a single version of the truth. Employees and managers can easily access the system and view information relating to their role. And the self-service nature of Workday allows employees to book time off and managers to pull performance reports and staff schedules. 

Employees adopted Workday quickly. The system made it easy for staff to find the information they need when they need it – enhancing transparency. Plus, with fewer touch points, they can access the data much faster.

We’ve found Workday simple to use. It required minimal training as employees at Puma intuitively knew how to use the system.

Global Director of HR and Central Services

More capability attracts today’s workforce. 

With Puma’s status as one of the world’s leading sports brands, young people want to work there. As a result, a significant number of its employees are digital natives. Workday meets their expectation to be able to work anytime and anywhere. The ability to apply for holidays and manage their time on their mobile devices, as well as apply for job opportunities across the company, really appeals to the workforce.

Workday has fundamentally changed the way we work. We are now faster and more efficient. Workday makes life easier for our employees and managers, and supports our mission to become forever faster.

Global Director of HR and Central Services

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