Global Payroll

Manage globally, process locally.

Global labor cost dashboard showing graphs for labor cost, average base salary, and overtime.


Take care of global payroll with one system of record.

Workday offers payroll software for the U.S., Canada, the UK, and France. For workers in other countries, you can integrate with providers around the world. And certified integrations bring third-party data into Workday for seamless global reporting.

  • Global payroll partners
  • Flexible payroll connectivity solutions
  • Global labor cost analytics
  • Easy global reconciliation
  • One global experience

The right solution. Everywhere you operate.

We provide certified, secure connectors to third-party payroll systems in more than 100 countries. And workers see all their HR and payroll information in one system.

Global reports showing graphs for third-party payroll issues by severity, as well as workers and worker changes sent to third-party payroll.
An end-to-end experience.

We deliver a consistent experience for your workers and smart reconciliation support for your payroll administrators to save them days of work.

Unified and centralized.

All the information your workers need—such as payroll actuals, third-party payslips, and year-end tax documents—can be supported in Workday.

Easy global reporting.

Gain a full view of your workforce and labor costs by blending Workday data and third-party payroll data. The result? Better decisions that drive you forward.

“The single, globally standard and cloud-based system has streamlined and simplified HR processes for our managers and employees.”

Payroll partners around the globe.

Payroll partners around the globe.

Our network of trusted partners provide certified solutions in more than 100 countries.

Payroll dashboard showing graphs for head count by group, year-to-date employer cost as percentage of gross pay, and payroll taxes by month.

Payroll that works the way you work.

We provide a full spectrum of global enterprise payroll capabilities that simplify your processes and evolve with your needs. So you can gain the control, flexibility, and insight to configure and run payroll your way.

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