Sales territory planning and management software that delivers results.

Workday Adaptive Planning Sales Territory dashboard where you can segment accounts and create territories with ease, all while ensuring that sales territories are balanced and targeted.


Balanced territories. Better results.

Now you can create and manage targeted, balanced territories that set your sales team up for success.

  • Sales territory planning
  • Rule-based account segmentation
  • Geographic, industry, and segment-based carving
  • Account and territory scoring
  • Territory management and account transfers

Winning sales territories start here.

Workday Adaptive Planning Sales Territory dashboard where you can improve the territory planning process by automating assignments through geographic, industry, and segment-based rules, while retaining flexibility to directly assign accounts to territories.
Design territories with confidence.

Use geographic and industry data, as well as account attributes to create equitable account and territory assignments that align with productivity goals.

Score, segment, and assign accounts based on market opportunity, size, geography, industry, and more.

Empower sales operations and leadership teams to work together from a single source of truth—governed by the same end-to-end process.

Create models that factor in TAM, wallet share, size, segment, and industry. Align territories with your go-to-market strategy.


Plan territories that win.

Streamline account segmentation.

Automate your territory assignments and segmentation processes with user-defined rules across the account landscape. Assign named accounts within a unified experience.

Design data-driven sales territories.

Seamlessly integrate data sources such as CRM and customer enrichment information, and push account assignment and territory revisions back out to other applications with ease.

Monitor performance with visual dashboards.

Want to quickly see gaps in your sales territories? We make it easy by letting you carve segments and territories geospatially and see the results instantly.

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