Close and consolidate with confidence.

With Workday, finance teams can simplify complex close processes, eliminate batch processes with automated consolidation tasks, and access real-time financial reports.

Close and consolidation screen in Workday Adaptive Planning EMP software.

Unify planning and consolidation.

Accelerate your close, increase planning agility, and drive faster decision-making with Workday. Operating from a unified source of truth, you can drive change, confidently consolidate and report, and efficiently plan across multiple scenarios at scale.


Streamline global financial consolidation. 

Accelerate your finance transformation journey by automating critical close and consolidation tasks in compliance with international accounting standards. And with quick access to reports you can trust, you gain an accurate, real-time picture of your business.

  • Integrations for any GL source

  • Period close management

  • Complex ownership rules

  • Intercompany eliminations

  • Currency translations

  • Real-time financial reporting

  • “Always-on” audit trail

Level up your consolidation process, from start to finish.

Workday helps you achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in your consolidation process—every step of the way. 

Bring all your data into a unified system.

Prebuilt integrations simplify data gathering and mapping across general ledgers, helping you easily maintain a unified source of truth. 

Consolidate efficiently and accurately.

Configurable, automated consolidation tasks such as translations and eliminations enable continuous anomaly detection and real-time reporting. 

Gain continuous insight into your financial results.

Real-time, consolidated financial statements in functional and reporting currencies give you an accurate, up-to-date picture of your business. 

Ensure compliance and control.

Always-on audit capabilities self-document everything in Workday as it happens, ensuring transparency throughout the consolidation process. 

“With Workday, we can spend more time doing analysis, adding value, and talking with stakeholders to make sure they have the information they need.”

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