How digital tools underpin Scoot’s unique culture.

“We are constantly reinforcing our culture of digital innovation by empowering our team with the best tools, digital platforms, and data-driven insights.”—Director, Human Resources

Winner, Digital Transformation Award, HR Asia Awards 2022

HR-created apps that reflect Scoot’s unique culture

Employees empowered to grow their careers

Evidence-based decisions informed by quality data

One of the original 2011 Scoot team members, Human Resources Director Ivan Chuah has been curating a different employee experience from day one. “Right from the get-go we were breaking boundaries and defying convention to transform the travel scene. We were an airline with a different attitude, so we needed people with a different attitude. People with big smiles and even bigger personalities. People with a passion for pushing boundaries.”

“We always knew digital innovation would be crucial for us. For HR, our digital transformation journey was all about our employees with the best tools and digital platforms, so they could grow and develop, and have a future-facing mindset where they constantly sought opportunities for more digital innovation.”

Innovative, forward-looking tools.

Scoot was an early Workday adopter—one of the pioneering companies wanting to consolidate its people data in the early days of the cloud and offer its HR team and employees an intuitive and empowering system. “We found the right fit with Workday’s suite of offerings. We benefited from configurable solutions that matched our needs and priorities, and offered our employees a seamless, fuss-free experience,” recalls Chuah.

Although Chuah’s initial focus was on core HCM capabilities, Chuah was also already looking ahead. “We took a leap of faith that Workday would one day become a leading provider in HR technology. At the time, I was interested to see where Workday went in terms of supporting recruiting and learning. Today, we use Workday to manage the full talent acquisition and development lifecycle.”

Workday’s product roadmap was a big plus for Scoot. It demonstrated that there was another forward-looking organization, always looking beyond the ‘now.’

Director, Human Resources

Continuously improving the employee experience.

Scoot prides itself on being a nimble organization, constantly learning and iterating its approach. Chuah says that Workday supports this by acting as an innovation engine. “Our recent adoption of Workday Extend puts the same technology, security, logic, and application components that power Workday into our own hands,” Chuah explains. “In HR, with Workday Extend, we can create our own apps on demand. We’ve already developed concierge-style, tailored experiences that help our people own their career development and growth.”

Chuah also values the insights gained through access to the extensive global Workday community. “We learn new best practices from fellow leading HR professionals,” Chuah says.

Workday’s constant innovation means we can enhance and develop new HR services—always doing more for our employees.

Director, Human Resources

A digital-first mindset.

Chuah says that Workday supports Scoot’s culture of digital innovation by ensuring decisions are based on data-driven insights, not guesses or gut instinct. “We never wavered in our strong belief of the importance of a digital-first approach. As we scaled up, transformed, and grew over the years, Workday gave us an accurate grasp of our people needs, our employee sentiment, and our strengths and weaknesses. Insights from Workday have been crucial to ensuring we always made informed HR decisions and looked beyond business as usual.”

As a result, identifying opportunities for digitalization has become a core tenet of Scoot’s culture. “Workday has enabled us to build a strong digital foundation from which we continue to hone our strategies to manage change and grow in an agile way,” Chuah confirms.

Workday has been very involved in our digital transformation journey, always listening and taking our feedback and requests, striving toward win-win solutions.

Director, Human Resources

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