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Modern finance teams are harnessing the power of AI to optimize agility and improve the strategic decision-making needed for growth. Find out how close your organization is to being future-ready.

Five Dimensions of Finance Effectiveness

Find your level of finance effectiveness.

See where your organization sits within the Finance Assessment Model for Effectiveness by better understanding the competencies, capabilities, and technologies needed for finance effectiveness.

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1. Business skills.

Predicting the future to drive strategy.

Empower your team to lead modern strategies, collaborate across disciplines, and deliver insights that elevate business.

Creating the data foundation for economic profitability.Experts from McKinsey & Company, Aon, AICPA & CIMA, and Workday discuss how a new approach to data focused on economic profit can help drive value creation.

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2. Technical skills.

Hyperautomation to elevate performance.

Elevate finance with modern, data-driven tools that improve accuracy and maximize efficiency while mitigating risks.

The FSN innovation showcase.See how Workday is setting the pace for innovation across all core finance processes with advancements in data, analytics, forecasting, and machine learning.

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3. Digital skills.

Moving from hindsight to insight.

Equip finance teams with the right systems and capabilities for accessing and applying accurate, up-to-date data.

The CFO and controller’s guide to data.Learn how an effective data and digital strategy can transform your organization’s decision-making and operating model.

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4. People skills.

Embracing innovation to empower talent.

Help finance cultivate cross-functional relationships, build trust, and discover insights that promote business growth.

The CFO’s guide to building a future-proof finance team.Learn how 267 global CFOs are using cloud systems to future-proof their teams, close skills gaps, retain talent, and more in this CFO Indicator survey report.

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5. Leadership skills.

Empowering leaders to shape the future.

Build and motivate high-performing teams by embracing a culture of performance, innovation, and skills development.

Master AI and machine learning for finance.Accounting and planning leaders, grow your AI and machine learning (ML) literacy in this new multipart master class created in collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review Connections.

“Becoming an intelligent finance organization enables finance professionals to solve problems and add value to the business since they’re no longer spending 70% of their time just reconciling data and processing transactions.”
—Eric Merrill, Managing Director, Finance and Enterprise Performance, Deloitte Consulting

Chart your course for the future of finance.

AICPA & CIMA brought together a group of CFOs and senior finance executives from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies. The result? A new competency framework and assessment tool—designed to help you create a development and operational roadmap.

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