NSHE gains efficiency with a single finance and HR system.

By delivering a consistent experience and standardizing processes across its eight institutions, Nevada System of Higher Education runs better than ever.

Removed 20+ point solution contracts

Reduced employee systems of record from 8 to 1

Reduced time to reimburse expenses by 50%

Created 1 chart of accounts across 8 institutions


Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) faced many challenges in managing eight institutions, including disparate systems, inconsistent processes and data models, and limited integration capabilities.

Why Workday.

NSHE wanted a system that would enable it to expand existing shared services, combine administrative functions across finance and human resources, and integrate with its existing student information system.

Benefits and results.

The most important benefit we’ve realized from Workday is standardization and efficiencies across the system. With Workday ... employees have one security model, one source of truth.

Communications & Change Management Lead

Systems consolidation.

NSHE’s complex systems landscape across eight institutions had multiple sources for employee records, duplicated point solutions, and an inconsistent data and security model. Now with a single system, NSHE has reduced point solutions, enhanced integration, simplified its data and security model, and increased system access.

Removed 20+ point solution contracts

Reduced employee systems of record from 8 to 1

User experience.

NSHE faculty, staff, and student employees now enjoy a consistent user experience with a single system for recruitment, onboarding, open enrollment, expenses, time tracking, and reporting across all institutions. Self-service and access to information from desktop, laptop, or mobile device is easy.

Increased employee engagement with access to information

Reduced time to reimburse expenses by 50%

Process automation and configuration.

NSHE simplified business processes by replacing paper-based transactions with a configurable electronic workflow. The institution benefits from a single chart of accounts, and digitized approvals for contracts, expenses, security setup, and business transactions save hours.

Created 1 chart of accounts across 8 institutions

Removed paper-based processes for improved reporting


NSHE removed PII data silos and forms associated with employee records. Budget-checking functionality is now available for allowable expenses. All institutions also have the capacity to view/audit hiring history, leave of absence, and years of service across NSHE.

Removed 8+ PII silos

Improved audit capabilities

Reduced provisioning processes from weeks to hours

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