A complete picture of global compensation.

In order to attract and retain great talent, you need to provide competitive compensation packages and recognise and reward high-performing employees. Workday Compensation gives you the tools you need to flexibly define compensation packages across all areas of your organisation around the globe.

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View high-level stats on your merit process.

Access a global picture of compensation using internal and external data.

Ensure your organisation is paying for performance.

Create compensation packages that work for you.

No two organisations handle compensation in exactly the same way. With Workday Compensation, you can offer competitive compensation packages and adjust them on the fly.

  • Align employee awards with business objectives and results.

  • Define packages, plans, programmes, and processes using data from Workday and the marketplace.

  • Leverage compensation basis data, allowing you to specify the components (base pay, allowances, equity, and so on) to measure employee total compensation.  

  • Conduct complex calculations to meet your organisation’s unique merit, bonus, and stock requirements.

  • Make better compensation decisions with contextual analytics.

Adapt to global requirements.

Workday Compensation enables you to handle global regulations and manage global employees from an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

  • Extend configurations around the globe with flexible location profiles, currency options, and allowance plans.

  • Gain insight into compensation adjustments with detailed audit reporting capabilities.

  • Use allowance plans to compile global benefits packages.

  • Give multilevel managers visibility into various divisions of their organisation through a collaborative compensation review process from start to finish.

Take the complexity out of managing compensation.

Using a single system for compensation and HR provides you with deeper insights, more automation, and fewer system integrations.

  • Use a single source of data for planning, analysis, and execution of compensation plans.

  • Manage concurrent business events, such as job changes or ad hoc promotions during a compensation review process, and the potential impact towards awards and pools.

  • Give managers insight into an employee’s total pay so they can make informed compensation decisions.

  • Trigger impacts to compensation whenever employee data changes in Workday.

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