Empower your HR and payroll operations

With the unmatched human resources capabilities in Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and the functionalities in Alight’s Global Payroll and compliance expertise, organisations can connect and streamline their global HR and payroll operations and inform strategic initiatives that drive growth and success. Learn how to harness the power of your HR and payroll operations with Siemens and Alight Solutions in our on-demand webinar. 

“We started our transformation project only thinking about how to improve our HR processes and the related employee experience but during the deployment it quickly became clear how significant global payroll was in achieving our objectives. Together, with Workday and Alight, we now have a connected and unified experience for HR and payroll globally and have improved efficiency and productivity by embedding automation and standardization.”

— HR Digital Innovation Director, Prysmian Group

Workday and Alight

3 Ways to Get Ahead of Global Payroll Complexity

A new survey underscores the shifting challenges employers face around the world. The good news: multi-country complexities can be strategically managed.

3 Ways to Get Ahead of Global Payroll Complexity


The best of both worlds

Organisations need to rely on flexible, unified solutions that quickly provide critical skills wherever needed and anticipate change, so you can proactively adjust and support compliance everywhere.

  • Consolidate and simplify global HR and payroll

  • Streamline vendor management

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy

  • Harness a single source of truth

  • Count on local expertise

  • Reduce costs

The world’s leading companies trust Workday.

Workday and Alight. For a changing world.

Workday and Alight can help organisations to consolidate and simplify HR and payroll globally.

Workday Finance


In a time of change, improve your financial processes for tomorrow’s world of work head on.

Workday HR


Adapt and evolve in a changing world so your whole organisation can feel empowered, no matter what the future holds.

IT Workday


Step into the future with confidence and the ability to both tackle change and evolve your digital strategy.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about the Workday and Alight partnership and solution? Our FAQs are here to help.

What is Workday’s expanded partnership with Alight?

While Workday already has a longstanding and productive partnership with Alight around Services and Workday Payroll Outsourcing, we are now expanding it to create an improved purchasing experience of Workday HCM and Alight's market-proven payroll solution in several countries.

Alight is a longstanding Workday partner that provides end-to-end services including deployment, transformation, global payroll, payroll outsourcing and comprehensive post go-live services.

This partnership will include selected countries where Workday does not currently have a native payroll. The initial focus will be on the Benelux and Nordic regions, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Germany. (It is expected Germany will be included in this programme until Workday releases its planned native payroll product for Germany).

The partnership between Workday and Alight offers organisations access to unmatched human capital management capabilities in Workday HCM and the expertise and functionalities in Alight Global Payroll for local payroll and compliance. All organisations can connect and streamline their global HR and payroll operations.

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