Is your current planning solution holding you back?

Only Workday empowers enterprises with company-wide, continuous planning and scenario analysis backed by machine learning (ML) to achieve real-time results. Read on in the 2023 report from AMALGAM insights.

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Screenshot of Workday Workforce Planning Dashboard

A better way to plan.

Adopt continuous, company-wide planning.

Organizations that only plan once a year make decisions based on outdated numbers. Workday Adaptive Planning lets people plan and budget continuously.

Adapt and perform at scale.

Workday Adaptive Planning powered by AI and ML, delivers scale and flexibility so you can analyze what-if scenarios with a single click—all without relying on IT.

Deliver richer, more timely insights.

Self-service reports and trusted data mean you spend less time fixing errors and more time sharing insights.

Built for finance and HR.

Our intelligent planning platform fits into any ecosystem and syncs financial, workforce, and operational plans across departments and functions.

Easy to configure.

Built using true cloud architecture, Workday Adaptive Planning easily connects with any ERP/GL or other data sources.

Easy to deploy. 

Workday Adaptive Planning offers faster time-to-value and lower cost of ownership with an average deployment time of 4.5 months. 

Easy to deliver results.

Organizations that have deployed Workday have reduced forecasting time and IT costs, and transformed into a more agile, digitally enabled business.

“Once we have captured the input from our department and business leaders, corporate finance and HR rely on Workday Adaptive Planning to work closely to gather the approvals they need and ensure that they have a budget to hire against.”

Ready to move planning forward faster?