Making smart, rapid decisions at a time of economic uncertainty.

“With our financials in Workday, we can analyze market trends, adapt our strategies and react quickly in a changing market.”—Vice President, Supply Chain Services

Real-time response to financial information

Analyzing, tracking, and reporting on ESG initiatives

Automated budgeting allowing teams to focus on strategy

ESG regulatory reports go from 2 to 3 days to less than an hour

MGM China’s Vice President of Supply Chain Services Gary Chung shares how Workday has removed manual processes, allowing team members to focus on analyzing data and developing strategic plans. Now MGM China can:

  • Assess key financial information, and plan and budget easily and quickly, without needing to prepare data manually
  • Spend more time analyzing market trends and adapting strategy in response to changing conditions
  • Draw external data into Workday dashboards and reports for use in day-to-day operations with Workday Prism Analytics

The company is also using Workday to track and analyze environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability initiatives, and pull this data into general reporting. Supply Chain Services tags purchase items and suppliers with ESG attributes that feed into real-time dashboards, greatly reducing the time needed to produce ESG regulatory reports from days to just 1 hour.

Workday Adaptive Planning streamlines forecasting, greatly reducing the manual processes needed to prepare the data for our budgeting process.

Vice President, Supply Chain Services

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